Cosmetic threaten our health

Nowadays, with the development of society, people’s lives become more rich and colorful than before. In order to meet the increasing various needs of women, cosmetic gradually take a large part in women’s lives. As recorded by TODAY and AOL, women spend an average of 55 minutes everyday for priming. And many merchants find business opportunities from the nature of women. As a result, different kinds of cosmetic brands start to appear in emporium such as Nordstrom. What’s more, there are also some stores especially for selling cosmetics like Sephora. However, a question has been asked by someone about whether makeup is dangerous to our health or not?

We always can see some news report about some harmful substance found in cosmetics. Actually, many studies have demonstrate this point is true. For example, in this scientific article or this link a study has been done about the association between the health effects and using a mercury-containing beauty cream. Not surprisingly, scientists found that the urine mercury level of women who use this beauty cream exceed the average mercury level of ordinary people. As you can expect, neuropsychiatric symptoms were among those women use on a daily basis most frequently reported. Although, there are no major abnormalities were noted on physical examination, still minor abnormalities are found. We can draw a conclusion that some cosmetics do harm to our body.


The picture above is a screenshot from a popular video website. In this video website, cosmetic ads as a “push” media showed to audience. What’s more, there are also some ads about makeup as a “pull” media just like the picture in the right, which is also a screenshot form another video website. Cross-production is another good strategy of commercials for big company to make a progress in Cosmetics area. For instance, the well-known French brand, Saint Laurent Paris launched ysl cosmetics under its brand, which now become prevalent all around the world.

There are also some popular sources’ article also mention the point about cosmetic use and health. No one would deny that using so many chemical ingredients a day definitely risks our health in many aspects. Many chemical ingredients will not remain on the surface of skin, instead they penetrate the skin to influence the deep fat of our body. However, many people don’t recognize the dangerous of makeup but also expose those cosmetics to their children which is harmful to their health.

By Ruitao Zhang

If the scientific article cannot open you can search the citation from:

Weldon, Minda M, Smolinski, Mark S, Maroufi, Azarnoush, Hasty, Brian W, Gilliss, Debra L, Boulanger, L Lucy, Balluz, Lina S, Dutton, Ronald J, and Davis, Larry E. “Mercury Poisoning Associated with a Mexican Beauty Cream.” The Western Journal of Medicine 173.1 (2000): 15. Web.



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