Dreaming Social Media

There is no doubt about it that in the modern era of 2016, social media is taking over the country. A recent survey shows that in the past 3 years, the percentage of the US population that uses social media has increased by 16% and is at 78% in 2016. Social media has become so intrusive in our daily lives that it affects almost all aspects of it; including our sleep.


Young adults make up the majority of consistent social media users. According to the Huffington Post, a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh examined 1,788 young adults between the ages of 19-32. Researchers observed their social media frequency and volume, as well as their sleep patterns. On average, participants use social media for about an hour total each day. The scientists found a strong correlation between social media frequency and volume and a greater chance of sleep disruption. They saw that subjects who frequented social media sites often woke up during the night to check media or had some form of sleep problems. Further studies show that college students who use social media during sleeping hours experience fatigue during the day as well as cognitive impairment and are more likely to use sleep medication. Social media and sleep problems can also have affects on individual’s mental state and can increase anxiety and depression.

This video highlights the University of Pittsburgh study examining the correlation between social media use and sleep disruption:

The researchers of the study however, state that they are uncertain if social media is the cause for the sleep disruption in many individuals, or if it is because of the sleep disruption that the frequency of social media use increases. What other facets of our health does social media affect? Will social media keep growing and eventually affect the entirety of our lives or has it already reached this point?

– By Justin Smick


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