The “red blood” outside our body

IN Wine, the most popular drink around the world, has very long story, old enough that you cannot imagine. The first wine vessel was found in Khramis Didi Gora, Marnculi, which can be traced back about 8000 years ago. What’s more, in the modern society,  people’s enthusiasm to wine not decrease a little, but become more crazy than before. Many chateaus, vineyards and wineries are built in every corner of the globe. People at every social classes like wine.  what factors make the wine so long standing in human history? Just because of its taste? There are many benefits wines have to our health which is also the technique commercials use to advertise their products mainly towards to women.

In this video, it mainly talks about 5 things that wine help people especially women to improve their health indicators. The first one is Resveratrol, a substance found in wine, which is believed to help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots. The second benefit is that wine has anti-inflammatory functions which can aid many conditions from joint aches to asthma. Thirdly, resveratrol in red wine has a similar properties to estrogen. It can help with conditions such as menopause and breast cancer. What’s more, it also mentioned that red wine is better than white wine because the majority of those beneficial substances are found in the skin of grapes.

Towards to men, the commercials strategies are changed completely but still effective for their wine sales. For example, in this commercial ads about Changyu wines, by using a typical kind of pull media let audience immerse themselves in, which showed almost all the attractors to men such as world, elegance, long historical, experts and famous. Those factors will satisfy men’s vanity by drinking wine, especially those expensive wines. Moreover, earned media also play an important role in the distribution of wine. As you can imagine, we drink wine in family dinner, see hundreds of wines in front desk of a bar, even put wine in our home as decoration. There is no reason for wine not popular worldwide.

However, though drinking wine is good for our health, still it is essential to control the quantity of wine we drink per day. Because drinking lots of wine will harm to our bodies. No matter what benefits wine has, it is alcohol. As long as it is alcohol, drinking to much will definitely dangerous to people’s health. According to this article, it mentions that drinking too much red wine can increase risk for coronary heart disease and stroke and increase our fat for the liver first decompose the alcohol in the red wine not the fat in our body.

-By Ruitao Zhang



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