The inner influence of animation

Animation, as an unique type of media, influences human beings in many aspects such as personalities, cognitive and emotional development, and many other perspectives of mental health. Nowadays, our lives are filled with many different kinds of animations, such as western animation which can be presented by Disney, and Japanese animation. These two typical types of animations play an important role in forming the basic personalities and emotional health of children even many adults. Because of the prevalence of animation, many new third industries start to appear as a result of cross-promotion, cross-production and across-advertising.

Disney, one of the biggest animation company in the world, accompanies with the growth of 80% of children in US. Which now covers many areas including movies, TV shows, theme park, toys and books. By reading this post, we know that what roles Disney animations play among children. For example, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella are all the princess of Disney animation. No one would deny that these princesses have strong influence on girls at very young age. Princess, the symbol of graceful, gorgeous, good mannered, has all the good qualities of human beings and admired by most of girls in the world. In every young girl’s dream, being a princess must be the first place. Under this condition, animation subconsciously influence young girls in their mental health, in order to be a better person. What’s more, animation can also strengthen communications between kids. Because they all have the same interests and watch the same animation, they must have better communication with each other which will benefit their mental health.

Anime, also called Japanese animation, is now become one of primary source of entertainment. Japanese animation is a new form of animation which is aimed for all age people because it includes both children elements and some realistic social factors. Excellent anime always can express their emotions to audience and these emotions sometimes can affect the believes of audience in a large sense. For example, City of Sky, as a well-known Miyazaki movie, influence generations of people in Japan. In this anime movie, it describes a city in the sky which represent the dream of human and also express the most beautiful and naive emotion between two main characters. It is this feeling of human and the hope of people that have positive influence on no matter kids and adults. Which is good for our mental health. we can see these advantages in this post. Furthermore, for the development of anime, there are also many new anime companies emerge, and grow by vertical integration which includes writing script, finding actors to dub and making the whole anime.

However, as long as something has advantages, it must have disadvantages too. According to this post, watching animation can be addicted to some children. They spend much time on watching animation even don’t study and do the homework. What’s more, Japanese animation have more serious effects on people. Because it contains some dreams and unrealistic hopes, these factors will cause people escape from the reality.

By Ruitao Zhang




One thought on “The inner influence of animation

  1. cascadiyeah

    Hmm, I’d like to see more credible support for some the large claims you’re making about the potential psychological impacts of media. It seems like a broad leap to make.


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