Revolutionizing Fitness

America has always been stereotyped as being the most fat or obese country.  Americans are constantly busy with obligations and have little time to attribute to other important activities in health.  In turn, fast food industries reign supreme over the average American diet.  But how can we combat this? Americans hardly have enough time to eat healthfully let alone set aside time for physical activity.  However, within the past several years, fitness trackers have emerged as one of the most popular fitness apparatus of its time.

Fitness trackers use accurate measurements of physical activity along with setting micro goals to motivate users and encourage them to move around more.  However, one of the more revolutionizing aspects of these fitness trackers are their use of social media and community.  Fitness trackers such as Fitbit take advantage of social media’s influence on our daily lives.  Fitbit allows you to connect with your social media accounts and share your activity, goals, and achievements with your friends and family.  A CNN tech article highlights a perfect example of friendly competition between two men who have only met over the internet.  This article explains that biker Leon Shaner and his online friend rode their bikes at the same time and exchanged words of motivation and encouragement.  They also shared fitness stats from their fitness trackers and tried to beat each other’s distances.  Shaner exclaimed that he rode twice the distance than what he would have because of the motivation from his online friend.

Fitness trackers not only inspire and push small groups of people, but have an impact on entire universitiesup-for-groups-fitness-tracker-jawbone-psfk-964x644, work places, and communities.  A global cloud-consultancy firm known as Appirio, saw fitness trackers as an opportunity to promote physical activity and healthiness to its employees.  In this article, Appirio gave 250 of its employees as well as 300 participants received fitness wristbands to track their physical performances.  These individuals were able to share progress and fitness stats, as well as relay each other tips and healthful cooking recipes.

Fitness trackers have brought the world a new breed of motivation.  By combining human’s natural tendencies of competition with the prevalence of social media worldwide, individuals are more enthused than ever to exercise.  What new forms of motivation does the power of social media possess for fitness in the future?

– By Justin Smick


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