“Pokemon go” goes into our life

No one would deny that “Pokemon go” has become one of the most popular game of top games category in app store. As long as you walk on the street, you can see groups of people using their fingers point the screen of their smart phone to throw a pokemon ball in order to catch a pokemon. One important reason to cause the fashion of “Pokemon Go” is the media. And the unpaid media mainly through ordinary people is the major distribution of this game distributed by Facebook, Instagram, even from your friends. But the most significant reason why everyone is playing “Pokemon Go” is because “Pokemon Go” itself is a media which goes into our real life and influence our health in a large sense.Charmander

Firstly, in physical health aspects, the most attracting point of “Pokémon go” is that we can find Pokemon in our real environment, such as streets, lakes, rivers even on mountains, by using a device called “pokemon go plus” which is promoted by Pokémon company through cross-promotion strategy. Which can lead players to explore every pokemon through walking, running and riding bikes. It is this setting that stimulates people to exercise more in order to get more pokemon. There is also a hatching system which needs you to walk many kilometers to hatch an egg, stimulating exercising. And these kinds of exercise definitely good for a healthy life, which shows vivid in this video.

On the other hand, playing “Pokemon go” also plays an important role in benefits our mental health. This game helps people to interact with others in a positive way which definitely good for communications and interactions among players. For example, once you go out to find pokemon, you walk to a park and see many people here to catch pokemon. It is ordinary for you to meet someone who first ask what team you belong to because there is a team system in the game. You said red and that person will give you a hug and say “I’m red too”. “Pokemon go” attributes to especially teens’ mental health by letting them communicate with others and making more friends.

Unfortunately, according to this post there are also some dangers “Pokeomon go” have on people. Just like some news reported, many car accidents occurred because of some people tend to catch pokemon during driving, which is extremely dangerous to their lives. What’s more, robbery also happened in the world of “Pokemon go”. Because there are many “pokemon stops” in the game which connects to our real environment. Offenders often stay close to those stops and waiting for people to make a criminal.

As a result, though “Pokemon go” brings us reasons to get exercise and keep a healthy life, still it has potential dangers which will harm our real lives.

By Ruitao Zhang


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