Contemporary Music: To listen or not to listen?

Present-day music has continually affected the ways of life among the minors in society. The messages relayed from such media content has significantly shaped the character of youngsters. Should we be concerned about the impact of favorite lyrics 1on the younger generation? Is there a correlation between the music that kids listen to and the values they adopt? The themes depicted from such lyrics and the musical videos considerably communicate much more than the ignorant older members of society would imagine.

A study on the PRNewswire indicates a high danger amongst young people recurrently exposed to such lyrics. Some of the songs comprise commercial content such as the placement of merchandise with considerable alcohol-related illustrations that falsely represent the constructive effects of alcohol; which is a false ideology. Consequently, youngsters tend to identify themselves with the optimism they find to the detriment of their health.

Some genres more so those associated with entertainment and referenced to liquor drinking sprees and limitless clubbing have received condemnation. A PRNewswire article correlates prospective alcohol abuse and aggressiveness with listening to categories, for instance, rap, hip-hop, and reggae. To some people, celebrities Rick Ross would appear affluent and are depicted as party-loving. Nevertheless, they portray a façade of irresponsible pleasure that eventually breeds risky behaviors and violence.

 But then again, the resonance of improper rap songs with many of the youth is pronounced. For example, Chief Keef’s song, Hate being sober, was viewed by more than 10 million people on social sites without regard to its promotion of drug and substance abuse and its contempt for women. It is worth noting the rise in attraction to this artist and the values he advocates for in its lyrics despite his offensive public conduct.  The research also shows that the prolonged contact to such content at pubescent stage draws teenagers to certain kinds of music. The improper depiction of content among the social drinkers and high-end classes of liquor renders the youth vulnerable to physical assaults and health complications upon addiction.

The thorny issue remains to be the parental ignorance to regulate the accessibility of offensive songs to their offspring. Mostly, some of the kids lock up themselves in their rooms listen to unrated music from radio which is mass media and audience is unintended,  not even the publisher know who listening  to their channel. Doesn’t the escalated use of headphones among minors worry anyone? What of the secretiveness in looking to this form of media in the presence of their guardians? Also, the ear deafening music played at night parties characterized by excessive consumption of liquor and the resultant recklessness among the partakers. Well aware of the unhealthy outcomes such as the skyrocketing teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, regulation of such media productions would truly grant the chance to take care of their general wellbeing.

However, the implications of uncensored music may not be such pronounced for kids who have varied attentions and positive self-perceptions of themselves.

-by Qing Li


One thought on “Contemporary Music: To listen or not to listen?

  1. cascadiyeah

    Wow you make some pretty bold claims about the effects of rap music on people’s health behavior. And it seems like you don’t really use enough evidence to support this. I’d like to see a lot more research definitively supporting this claim.


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